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Disruptive Innovation

Albert Einstein reportedly said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

To achieve new and better results, we must change the way we have always done it. Here is your opportunity to bring disruptive innovation to your institution and increase retention and completion rates.

Innovative student success for your institution

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Integrate and Enhance Current Strategies

The Motivate Education Program seamlessly integrates and works complementary with existing student retention initiatives in a quick and easy to launch way. Initiatives such as predictive analytics, academic coaching, guided pathways, and advising. It has the capacity to touch base with students daily and provide them valuable reminders and skill reinforcement.

The Motivate Education Program provides:

Team cooperating at a deskSeamless integration and training
Puzzle pieces put togetherCustomizable to meet your school's standards
HandshakeA boost to equity and access for all
Enhance your retention strategies for maximum results
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Proven Results

The Motivate Education Program uses scientifically proven strategies in a new and engaging way to help students learn and ingrain the skills needed for success. The skills that take longer than one-term to learn and require consistent reinforcement and follow-up to instill.

Gears working in the brainDecreased stress and depression
Light bulb focusImproved school and work performance
Team leader showing dataIncreased success and retention rates
Hand holding booksIncreased positivity and satisfaction
Virtual meeting on laptopDecreased employee turnover
Bring proven strategies for success to your institution
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Fiscally Smart

The Motivate Education Program is financially feasible and provides a high return on investment (ROI). It has the capacity to provide daily touchpoints with each student. This is an immeasurable cost savings advantage over the high amount of human capacity it would require for those results.

Successful office buildingHigh ROI

Learn how we can save your institution money

Be a champion for your school

Be the hero that your school and students need. Schedule a demo today and see the customization options for maximum success in your institution.

Planet with graduation capTake your institution to new heights!
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Motivate Education Program

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Motivate Education
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